Yesterday we looked at our usual twenty or so houses all over the city. out of them, about five fit our needs, and one was quite appealing indeed. Unfortunately, it’s located away from the optimal areas we’d prefer. This is no particular obstacle, however.

Of greater cause for deliberation are three factors, all turning on size. The lot size is quite small in comparison to some of the other homes we looked at, and the house itself is only a few square feet larger than our current apartment. There is also, disappointingly, no basement.

Despite these issues, we’ve decided to bid on the house after discussing another candidate that offerred a better regional location with large outbuildings on a big lot, but also no basement.

This will be our third offer.

I think, now that we have been doing this for a couple of months, we are getting close. Each time we go out we have seen several houses that are really quite amenable.