Venerable statesman of the networked and nerdly Robert X. Cringely announces his entree (or is that re-entry) to the media-blog-o-sphere, introducing a new version of the always-entertaining and often influential I, Cringley that will somehow tie into his PBS-slash-online TV show, NerdTV. What’s interesting about this is:

a) he terms the new show “videoblogging,” which seems a stretch, but who knows

b) I, Cringely as a blog is clearly the Right Thing if maybe Several Months Late and

c) he promises “plenty of interesting guests.”

Based on Bob’s track record of provoking discussion, headshaking, and worse, this has me more-or-less excited. Maybe the time is now to write about the incipient adoption of online distro for video – cf. Galactica, I gotta say. Gaah! I hope I have time for this!