Another day, another five houses.

We saw two really pretty places, relatively close in, each well under 1000 square feet. Both were presented as two bedroom homes but realistically they were one bedroom places. In each case they were priced at $300k.

We also saw two more places a bit further out which we will be seriously considering. One is just over 1000 square feet and very nicely remodeled with a deck and a pleasant, non-maze like interior. The other is larger but underwent a misguided 1970’s makeover that has got to go. Viv and I will be discussing both seriously.

This week, we have looked at thirty houses. It’s getting to where I’m confusing details in my head. I have been taking a camera and snapping my fool head off in an effort to replaces actual remembering, but it’s not a completely satisfactory solution. For one thing, I don’t take pictures of homes I don’t like at all. For another, often, if it’s a place I like a lot, I get too interested in looking at the place to think about shooting.

This weekend, I will be borrowing the camera we just got at work, a D70, and trying to shoot with vigor in order to learn the camera. It will be interesting to see if that experience teaches me to think systematically about shooting during a house visit.

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  1. South Park is a lovely community, but you might give Burien a try. It’s on 15 min from downtown and prices may be slightly more affordable.

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