In researching grad schools, I have learned that the newly revised UW Tuition Rates are insanely complex.

See, starting this fall, there are no fewer than SIXTEEN possible rates – each of which will be hiked every quarter for the next year.

Taking the hikes into account, that’s up to SIXTY-FOUR varying rates a given grad student might find themselves paying over the upcoming academic year, depending upon which quarter it is and which school they are enrolled in.

Determining which rate is for you is, naturally, left for you, potential consumer or ensnared enrollee, to sort out.

One potential effect is that in a particularly popular course, each student might be enrolled from different program, and therefore each student is paying a different price for the exact same product.

How modern! How abusive! How arrogant!

One thought on “effing unbelievable

  1. How like…buying tickets for air travel, where you pay $365 and the guy next to you pays $119 (or whatever). Tsk.

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