Ken is a husky fellow, who is actually physically larger than I believe he thinks himself – strapping, one might say. Yet he’s generally somewhat retiring in demeanor, although quite capable of outbursts given the proper stimulus.

He’s neither slender nor plump, yet his huskiness is not particularly of the athletic variety. He is somewhat self-conscious about his weight.

He has ginger hair, with a curl, which he keeps in a conventional short brush-back style; he wears oval glasses which are small enough to be in style yet not so small nor made of some outlandish material as to in some way mark him as artsy or high-falutin’. He has a strong appreciation for british media humor, and a similar interest in baseball, and, apparently, skee-ball. His eyes are brown, and slightly tilted, in toward the the center of his face. This tilt may actually be a result of his generally good-humored expression, which is also a result of his typical attitude.

His skin tone is fairly pale, with pale freckles. It has been prone to an uncomfortable dryness which he has remedied in a way which shall not be described here. Suffice to say it was both unconventional and harmless and inoffensive enough that it could be practiced in public.

His clothing tastes, again, are not sufficiently demanding of immediate note as to create an uncomfortable self-awareness for the wearer, yet they betray many of his tastes and fascinations. For instance, Ken possesses an assortment of both sweater vests and cardigans. These items of clothing are of course favored by the British clay animation character Wallace, of “Wallace and Grommit”. Ken won first prize for best costume at a Halloween party in Seattle while attired as Wallace and Grommit.

Steve Buscemi’s character in “Ghost World” favored cardigans; his wardrobe was based at least in part upon the wardrobe of “Ghost World” author Dan Clowes. Ken, of course, has a long standing appreciation for the work of Mr. Clowes, as well.

He owns, and will don in cold weather, an Arsenal team supporters’ scarf. Typically, this is worn with a blue flannel anorak, the kind of hooded winter coat that features rope-and-tapered oak dowel fasteners. Jason Alexander wore a coat like this in several appearances on the television sitcom “Seinfeld”.

Ken also has an interest in matters of fortune; which is to say, he knows what the inside of a casino looks like. He favors his interest in gambling as a dash of spice to his personality – it’s his leather jacket, if you will.

As he himself has let us know, he is very nice. He can be quite retiring, and is prone to intimidation. He has a surprising streak of adventurousness. One way this adventurousness expresses itself is via Ken’s relationships with others more brassy and noticeably bold than he.

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  1. Dear Sir, I understand that you felt the need to profess your love of Ken Goldstein with a sincere description of his character. But as another admirer of “the steen”, I feel compelled to show you the error of your ways. Ken Goldstein is a proud gallant hero of words and wisdom. A godly figure dressed in golden suede bell bottoms & ray bans. Why? Why attempt to tarnish the reputation of the suave Ken Goldstein w/ such cardigan-wearing, easily-intimidated, pale-dry-boy falsities?

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