… and so as the sun sets gently in the west, Ken Goldstein draws his heartrending work of inordinate wit to a close, with Episode 15 of Guy Sterling: Skee-Ball Champion! Sadly for those of us with a long-standing interest in the sport of kings, Ken was unable, after heroic efforts toiling within the mighty bowels of google and ebay, to locate Episodes 14 and 15, and thus the story picks up at its’ conclusion.

It had been the busiest, craziest, most exciting week of his whole life, and one way or the other it would be all be over in a few minutes.

Then with the much-anticipated the Skee-Ball Week Theme Song, Ken rings down the curtain on his wildly acclaimed labor of love, salvaging the lost past of a slice of Americana the likes of which we’re sadly unlikely to ever see again.

It is hoped, however, that as the resulting lawsuits from the deeply offended descendants of Joey “Spats” Murphy wend their way thru the courts, Mr. Goldstein (“Steen”, to those in the know) will take time from his busy round of depositions, wholesale disavowals of responsibility, and press-ducking junkets to update the blogopulace upon his fortunes in fending away these ill-timed distractions.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled round of bankruptcy filings, stock market crashes, and assorted acts of death and destruction. Ah, Skee-Ball Week, we hardly knew ye.

Actually, which kings specifically?

One thought on “Adios to Skee-Ball Week

  1. Um, mostly the Kings of Atlantic City, during the strange 30 years following the Civil War when, due to some messed-up paperwork, it was an independent country. Also, for some strange reason, the King of Belgium.

    As a side note, Spats Murphy got his nickname because he liked to argue.

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