Hey look, ma! I’m an academic reference or possibly case study!

“Late in September, 2004, Mike Whybark, a resident of Seattle, began researching the background story to the original flier and reported his findings in The Nation (see Whybark 2004).”

Sadly, however, The Nation (later in the paper cited as a Seattle-based publication) has never seen fit to send me a check for my work. If only I knew which Nation it might be that Ms. Knobel cites!

Could it be the venerable organ of the Left? If so, the slow-pay might well be understood. Perhaps it was Bangok’s The Nation. Or maybe Pakistan’s.

At any rate, I know that I did not report my findings in The Nation. However, pursuivant to the Articles of the League in fulfulling my obligation toward grandiloquence and overreaching, the next time I have hard, cold water to toss in the face of an internet meme, Katrina gets first right of refusal with up to twenty-four hours turnaround on a no-reply opt-out. After that, it’s Hilly’s turn.

What’s really odd is that John and Mikey’s shirts are cited, and Jeff’s initial post about Terry is also quoted. I really want to understand where the citation forThe Nation originated,