PHP 4.2.2 grumble grumble released to address security flaw grouch grumble also for OSX by Marc Liyanage – but grumble frown this release changes the way global variables are handled – HTTP_POST won’t magically call them into being at form submit any longer.

Which helps with the whole security deal. Grumble grumble.

It’s been clearly documented for months and months, even, that this would be the Way It Shall Be Done. Grump.

But did this get covered in the PHP stuff I took last fall to get going? Well, to be perfectly honest, i don;t recall it being covered, although I have yet to peep my notes I’ll update here if I come across it. Naturally, I took full advantage of that tiny little time savings of not having to type a bit bit more. Naturally.

Argh, so now I have some stitching to do. Grump grum grumble.