Well, this week I’d intended to introduce a new, exciting concept to the blogosphere, which would take the world by storm and yield articles in the Economist (I said I’m SORRY! Geez!) and the NYT, but instead, since I’m too busy (writing assignments, a trip next week) I’ll share with you the very first fan-submitted Ken Goldstein of the Week!

Mr. Goldstein is seen here appropriately modeling what I (a baseball ignoramus) believe to be a Seattle Pilots cap, as he demonstrates mastery of the tiller upon the bounding main. Accompanying him is the source of the charming photo, the lovely and talented Jahna D’Lish, a long-time friend of Mr. Goldstein.

Friends, acquaintances, and relatives of Mr. Goldstein are very strongly encouraged to send your KG-related imagery and memorabilia to me at my email address, mike@whybark.com; if I can sort it out from the spam, I’ll get back to you, promptly!

Thank you all for your support. Together, we can bemuse Ken into a sort of tizzy.

2 thoughts on “KG, at sea

  1. Dude, you’re one for two. While that is a Pilots cap, to go with the nautical theme, the lovely dame is actually noted D’Lish cousin Juliette Aiyana, noted NYC acupuncturist, who I actually just got back from dinner with.

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