Why hello! Nice to see you!

Viv and I took the ferry to Bremerton and drove north and then east to Sequim bay, where we camped in the lovely (but not spectacular) Sequim Bay State Park. Then the next day we drove up the road a few miles to the Port Angeles entrance to Olympic National Park, and drove up to Hurricane Ridge for a pic-a-nic.

There were some highly aggressive chipmunks, who, I’m happy to say, got nothing (and liked it, natch).

Such as this one.

You can page through all the pix here.

2 thoughts on “Greetings from Hurricane Ridge!

  1. Hope you folks are having fun! I haven’t been out that way since July 1992, on a short road trip with my Mom and Aunt Sharon, walking and driving through seemingly thousands of acres of “cultivated rainforest”.

    Will you be coming along on the Pirate trip on Sunday afternoon?

    Bainbridge Ferry ahoy! Arrrgh!!!

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