On the realization that I would regret not going more than going even if it sucked, I took Viv to see the Firesign Theater show tonight at the Moore. It was… rough. Still, it was a pleasure to see the act. I chuckled when I noticed that an image of a shack being apparently twisted by an encroaching tornado used as an element of the show’s stage dressing had appeared within the month on either FilePile or tmbo.

Viv found the act confusing and the apparent confusion onstage regarding scripted bits and sound effects did not help to clarify things. Firesign’s material is always murky and it wasn’t reaching her. They did mostly new stuff, I think, with a few recorded bits that were vaguely familiar used as scene transitions. Adding to the problems were sound mix issues, including bad cues, over-amped mics, and so forth. The second act was largely a Nick Danger piece, with the customary post-modernist fooraw. There was only one brief multi-voice bit, which is a shame, because the layered speaking bits have always been my favorite part of their material.

It felt like a workshop performance, as if what we saw is going to evolve into a new album and a touring performance. As it happens, this was stop three of six.

Also: Firesign podcasting – a huge trove of downloadable mp3s, right here.