… and I just know you are fascinated to hear that the latest round of site fiddlin’ is just about wrapped up. For the curious:

  • I added domain-restricted searching via Google to the sidebar. Google seems to pay attention to my site, so it seems to work fairly well.
  • The drop-down archive menus are now sitewide.
  • In a related matter, I added the appropriate new secondary category archive flags (KG of the Week, Monday Art, Blimp Week) to the appropriate entries and cleaned up some incidental duplicates.
  • I added the sidebar to all of the ancillary pages.
  • I made the category archives navigable, and edited their format to increase load speed.
  • I’m still futzing with “Recent Entries” on the archive pages; currently the “recent” list is, in fact, what’s recent within the appropriate category. I think I have a brute-force workaround in place but I believe there’s a better way.
  • Last but not least, I’m working on a “recently discussed” link area for your easy reference, currently viewable only on the main page.

*phew!* man, the rebuilds are starting to D R A G, though. All those queries and page builds for pore ol’ l’il perl to crunch thru… good camel, good boy.

Hunh, you know, what I *should* do is build the sidebar once into a flat text file, and have the pages call it in either at page view (via PHP or shtml SSI) or (this is somewhat preferable) at perl-munging time. Hm, yes, that’s the way to do it.

2 thoughts on “Everything is in order, for now.

  1. I’ll follow up in email. I’m still messing with it, a bit, but here’s the important bits. Sadly, MT reads the tags and strips them. So, below, replace the square brackets with standard HTML greater-than and less-than tags, OK?

    I’m still messing with it, a bit, but here’s the important bits:

    [MTEntries recently_commented_on=”10″]
    [a href=”[$MTEntryLink$]”][$MTEntryTitle$][/a] (Comments: [$MTEntryCommentCount$])
    [br /]

    cf docs here:


    and see theredkitchen’s slicker implementation (which includes when. who, and an excerpt)

    http://theredkitchen.net/, scroll down or search for “Recently Commented”

    My implementation refreshes only at full pagebuild, don’t know about theredkitchen’s.

    I’m still jimmying stuff around – I need to collapse the internal site info on the right so that the links are above the fold. I have some ideas.

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