A missive from my friend Jason:


Something is happening in the produce section of your local Supermarket this weekend:

Jan 29 – 12:30 pm – Ballard Safeway – 8340 15th Ave NW
Jan 29 – 7 pm – University Safeway – 4732 Brooklyn Ave NE
Jan 30 – 12:30 pm – Capital Hill QFC – 523 Broadway E
Jan 30 – 7 pm – Everett QFC – 2615 Broadway

Thus, my vague Saturday plans appear to begin to sort of coalesce.

3 thoughts on “produce

  1. Hey the Robosexuals as well as many other Canadians will be playing at the Comet tonight too…. if’n you want to stop by and say Hi….

  2. Short, sweet, and no one got thrown out, although the guy with the big white canon dv was asked if it was on. We were somehow spotted as ‘People who knew something’ by one very amused employee, who just want to know what they were singing and why.

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