I have written about my love for Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry here, quite some time ago.

Among other things, I wrote

My personal favorite was the little room off one of the stairs into which one stumbled upon discovering the floor had been faceted in many crazy angled slabs. These slabs simulated random motion, as though the room were being turned and rocked this way and that – architectural cubism!

The impetus for such a wonder of danger and insanity? Why, look out the window! there’s the GIANT HEAD OF PAUL BUNYAN, his 24″ eye-globes rumbling and clacking llleft, then rrright, as he surveys the interior of the little cabin he holds aloft and its’ ever changing cast.

The sole link, to an undersized scan of a pencil drawing of the interior of the room, has succumbed to linkrot.

Therefore, great was my joy when a fellow Vulgar Boatmen enthusiast, unknown to me by sight, emailed a terse note informing me of our shared appreciation for not only the music of the VB but also for the past wonders of the Bunyan room.

Attached to the note was this handsome souvenir image, clearly demonstrating why it is that terror and giants have always been synonymous.


My correspondent further noted that he and a family member searched the museum for the missing woodsman, concluding, “we finally found Paul’s big mute face hung on a wall in the basement,
opposite a snack bar.”

Clearly, the next time I am in town, another expedition must be arranged.

3 thoughts on “The biggest Bunyan

  1. Weeeell, not exactly, Eric.

    If the Gizmos were to play at a non-holiday time of the year, when my financial and family commitments were less constrained, well…

  2. Ah, so it *was* those Gizmos. I shoulda gone…

    Anyhow, I was very happy to see your pictures of the waffer-theen people. I only wish I’d stopped eating while I looked at them. That exhibit is so bizarre.

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