Now on ebay: Own your own blimp!

Someone else’s loss is your gain. We found this SEA DOO blimp hung up on one of our fences on our ranch (in the middle of nowhere). It was fully inflated with helium and flying a couple of hundred feet in the air, so there are no holes in it. It has at least 200′ of cord (which was how it hung on our fence) so it can fly high over your place!

This thing draws a lot of attention!

The only damage that we could find was that the seam has come apart on one of the fins and it had duct tape around the edge. This doesn’t affect the part that holds the air, and would not be noticeable while “flying”.

We have it tied to our jeep in the picture, so you can see the size difference between the jeep and the blimp and the loader.

The object in question is an inflated 20-25 foot advertising buoy-blimp, the kind of thing one sees tethered over car dealerships. There is no mention of shipping details.