In my May 14 entry, I flippantly dimissed the new look of Wired magazine with particular attention to the new house body and headline font.

First: a correction. I identified the new font choice as Helvetica. It’s actually Aksidenz Grotesk.

How did I learn this?

Well, Wired’s Creative Director, Darrin Perry, was curious or kind enough to drop by the entry for, um, his fair share of abuse, I guess. He was gracious enough to compliment this site’s primary font choice while pointing out my error.

I see Verdana when I look at the site, a choice which I must confess I inherited from Mena Trott, I believe, the designer half of Movable Type, which each one of you should download, use, and pay for.

So there’s a couple items on the agenda. First, what an interesting, wow-cool moment! Random mutterings concerning events and things that pass though my life have a reasonable possibility of being seen by the most appropriate viewer. Thank you, Google. Perhaps someday Aaron Cometbus will drop by, via Google, and learn about the Gizmos.

I have noticed that a large proportion of traffic to the site comes in via Google search requests for obscurities which I’ve written about here. Common search requests resulting in a site visit include “Aaron Cometbus”, “blimp rides”, “Wreck of the Shenandoah”, and, yes, “Bob’s Java Jive”.

Why “perfect candidate to hire for your high-paying house polymath position” has yet to generate a great deal of traffic remains unknown. At any rate, welcome Googlers – I hope your stay is both entertaining and informative.

Item two on the agenda is a more reasoned review of Wired’s new look. That will be the next entry.