Recently the most important keyboard shortcut in my copy of Safari stopped working; ‘back’ and ‘forward’ are no longer cmd-left arrow and cmd-right arrow, respectively. Instead, checking the ‘History’ menu shows that the default shortcuts are now cmd-[ and cmd-]. I’ll leave my fevered ranting aside to simply ask: how can I change this back to what it should be?

I think it’s a problem I introduced when I re-enabled my audio-transcription macros. Unfortunately, restricting them to Word did not re-enable the arrow-based shortcuts.

I’m using 1.2.3 v125.9. I have not run the software update to 10.3.6 and will wait do so until the lost-data-on-external-hard-drives bug is resolved.

2 thoughts on “Safari irritation

  1. You know… I’ve noticed this seems variable, as if some pages (forms?) still are respecting of the left/right arrow, though the menu item has, in my memory, been unchanged from the brackets. So for multiple builds I’ve been using the command-] command-] stuff, however. So… go figure.

  2. Yes. if a text field is active, Command-Arrows move around in it, and always have. Their function for moving through the browser history is secondary. Command-[] are the keys that will always work.

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