Last night was the MeFi MoFi Blog windingdangdoodle at the Elysian. I didn’t realize that the brewpub took reservations, and should have made one.

I parked at the bar until folks started showing up a bit after seven. Mars Saxman was first and we chatted about the improbable appearance that night of Psychic TV at a nearby club. Erika from MonkeyFilter showed up next, and then Jerry Kindall and Tom Harpel.

In the end about 12 or so people showed up and we parked at pair of tables comfortably enough. After beering, Jerry Kindal, Tom Harpel, and our new acquaintance Mark, whole last name and user name I did not catch (he’s an architect, though, and he was funny) went to Caffe Vitta for a cuppa and closed down the place at the late hour of eleven o’clock.

The big news at Caffe Vitta happened when I gave the counter-girl a ten for my latte and she smiled at me real big and said, “Oooh, I love tens,” which amused me but also left me speechless, as a happily married man.

Attendees, I think:

Mark (Mefi user skyscraper)

Stacey Lester (Mefi user black8)

Stacey’s lovely and charming roomie whose name I did not catch

Amy (Mefi user tristeza)

Mars Saxman (Mefi user Mars Saxman)

Jerry Kindall (Mefi user kindall)

Oscar Bartos, (Mefi user O9scar and Mofi user el wombato)

Michael H. (mk1gti)

Tom Harpel (Mefi user tomharpel)

Erika (Mofi user mechagrue)

Steven (Mefi user Vito90), who says we should hie on down to the Virginia Inn next time, which is where he currently pursues the pouring arts. He also shouted out to SportsFilter!

My photos can be found here, and Tom Harpel’s can be found here. MeTa wrapup here (I think – the server went for a JRun just as I went to link to the thread), and MoFi wrapup here.


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  1. Hey there,
    Had a great time, but after moving all day we were pretty beat. But I was determined to appear! We’ll have to do that again soon!

    BTW-the roommate’s name is Laura!

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