As I proposed here, pursuant to no object-icons from the peanut gallery, Danelope and I invite Mefites, Mofites, and PNW bloggers in general to descend upon the capacious Elysian in my beloved, if down-at-the-heels, Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle.

7p, Saturday November 6
The Elysian
1221 E. Pike St.
Seattle, WA 98122

Phone: 206-860-1920

Main MeTa thread.

The Elysian was the location of the prior MeFi hoo-hah and suited all parties to a tee, with wifi and food both available. Ye mappe.

I had intended to set up some sort of evite-like check-in attendance list, but instead have decided the easy thing to do is make a page at the Metafilter wiki.

Interested persons can just sign in there, no muss no fuss, and no required use of pesky time-based identifiers. Or here in the comments, either way – I’m not taking attendance.

I’ve asked mcwetboy to add the event to his MeFi calendar.

Alas! For this was proposed before NaDruWriNi ’04 was graven into the stone of the Internets. B^2, mebbe a monkeypile will occur and I can describe that while drunk!

6 thoughts on “Mefi Mofi Bloggy Get Down

  1. Aw crap, I was totally going to come up for this (I need to hit the Seattle IKEA for a few things), but I just learned that some out-of-town friends are coming in that night.

  2. Man Mike I really want to be there. I will still put it in my calendar if our plans change, but for now we have plans for an architecture celebration (we have an open house for the S’Klallam project that day and dinner together that night).

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