Tuesday night at dinner, the subject of what to do while in Los Angeles came up.

I described a few of the interesting sights found at the celebrated Museum of Jurassic Technology to our guests. The Museum has been the subject of a book, and a radio piece, and apparently published a book cited in this 1995 issue of Wired. The book covers an exhibition that I have seen, “No One May Ever Have the Same Knowledge Again: Letters to Mount Wilson Observatory 1915-1935,” a collection of the writings of cranks over the long years to the Mount Wilson Observatory. Others have written or posted about the place as well.

Kyle Marquis, in particular, did the legwork, unearthing this tale of a visit.

One thought on “MJT

  1. after learning (from an article in harper’s) that the owner/curator was an alum of my school (kalamazoo college), i made the pilgrimage to see this place while on vacation in el lay in 1995. it proved to be far more fascinating than either disneyland or LACMA, although i could never really explain why. but it’s definitely worth an afternoon, especially if you’re all caught up on laundry and you’re waiting for that last coat of varnish to dry on the new hardwood floor.

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