I finally got around to taking a whack at Manny’s pork and pears or pork and apples recipe. I had expected to do the apple and calvados version, but to my surprise, we only had pears in the house.

The recipe calls for whipping cream and lots of buttah. I used the buttah and skipped the cream, using nonfat milk and yogurt at the finish (I mostly don’t care for high-fat foods). But I blew my timing and the yogurt curdled. Still, it was very tasty. Mindful of Manny’s concern for the shallots, I used a few less and added a quarter of a regular onion.

I was also a bit lazy and did not pound the meat, choosing to use a slightly more tender chop cut and to slice it in quarter-inch strips.

Viv says “It was very peary.” And so it was, it was yummy.

Pix still in camera, to come.

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