Yesterday we went thrifting. This place, J. T.’s Attic, is up on Greenwood near 85th. It’s only open on Saturdays from 1 to 5. It’s a real mixed bag, and the store suffers from that overstuffed, cluttery feel that some secondhand shops can fall prey to. It’s easy to get snagged on something and wind up pulling a lamp off the shelf. While such places are hazardous and hard to take in, they are also my favorite kind of secondhand shop, because the noise of the clutter means things get overlooked, and suprises can be found.


This Cue Cat, marked as a “computer mouse,” is five dollars. It was the only dot-com excess item I noted. It looks like that’s about right, going by eBay.


This old Singer, in nearly-new mechanical and cosmetic condition (you should see the finish), hideaway sewing table included, was fifty bucks. Needless to say, we now have a new sewing machine. The table’s finish is extremely rough, but other wise it’s in great shape. It looks as though the machine and table were folded up and stored somewhere dry but prone to chemical spills for fifty years. We’ll need to get the cord on the machine replaced, though, as it is pretty chewed up. The actual machine itself runs like it was serviced yesterday, though. I haven’t researched the serial number of the machine to see when it was made, though.

I’m pretty sure it’s a Model 15. Here’s the manual as a PDF (!).