A day or two ago, I received this note in the comments to The Wreck of The Shenandoah.

Thank you very much for this very informative site. I have a picture taken of the Wreck of the Shenandoah. The back of the picture says Ava, Ohio, the wreck of The Shenandoah. Sept. 3rd 1925. I believe the photo was taken by my late husband’s grandfather, Ray C. Shear of Lore City, Oh. It very much resembles one of the images on the sheet music, the one on the top right. I would be glad to scan the photo and send it by jpeg to anyone interested.

Thank you,

Karen Shear,

Wooster, OH

I corresponded with Ms. Shear, and she sent the pic along. She inherited the shot from her husband, but sadly has no further details. Click, as ever, to enlarge.

wreck of the shenandoah.jpg

back of wreck of the shenandoah.jpg