Seven days, 8170 words, eight posts, and hundreds of links investigated. This lighter-than-air stuff makes a man’s arm sore. Posting will be light for a bit.

I don’t think I mentioned it here, but I was running Blimp Week – Monkeyfilter edition all week over there, too. The posts there were short and generally drawn from the longer posts here, but not in all cases.

The posts were, in order:

  1. Zeppelin rides. In Switzerland.
  2. Stereoscopic Images of Lighter Than Air Flight
  3. Zep Sims!
  4. From Rio to Akron aboard the Graf Zeppelin, 1933
  5. Your Zep: Buy it or Build it?
  6. Zep-plans.

In the fifth link, fellow-monkey anagramophone pointed out both Nagy Airships and the striking spherical craft of 21st Century Airships Inc..

You know, I have this feeling that I’m gonna sound like Donald Duck all next week. Oh well, better to have a bit of helium in the lungs than nitrogen in the joints, I always say.

Regarding the beta of ecto 2: the only way to get to the old photo-sizing dialog now is importing from iPhoto, which I guess I can live with. It adds a step to asset wrangling for the kind of folders full of internet finds I was doing this week, though, and so I’m still gonna have to rule it a feature loss, not a best practice for software development.

I may more closely review ecto 2 beta this week, because it does some stuff very differently than ecto 1, and while I think I grok the dev logic, I’m not entirely happy with it. It’s still great at what it does and I have a hard time imagining a competitor product. This makes it unlikely we’ll see any shortcomings in the final product definitively addressed, especially if they stem from underlying structural decisions.

So far, I’m happy to report, the peculiar perl-killing problems I saw associated with ecto 1 on my server have not reappeared.

Did I mention my forearm hurts? Ow, ow, owie.

3 thoughts on “Heavy Lifting

  1. huh, thought I had tried this: “you can edit its settings by double-clicking on the attachment in Rich Text mode,” for images embedded into the preview editor via drag and drop.

    Thanks for the correction, Adrian. I still think the image upload button should be retained, but I’ll write about it at greater length when I do a more detailed investigation this week. I should emphasize that ecto 2 is clearly a big improvemnt over 1 and I’m a fan.

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