Today has been a day of cursing and troubleshooting, brought about by my insufficient documentation practices. I’ve had two first-gen Apple Airport base stations for a very long time; sometime within the past couple of months I took one down for whatever reason and only today set it up again.

I had some sort of solution in place that allowed them to work together simultaneously, something that they are not designed to do (later versions of these things can do this handily). Today, of course, I cannot figure out what the solution was. I can’t even find discussions of how to solve this problem, as it was current over three years ago.

Given the time, I’m not going to be able to solve the problem today, which makes me surly at best.

Further entertaining me has been the activity of troubleshooting my Mom’s iChat setup. She uses a Powerbook and for some reason the internal mic does not appear to be turning off when iChat’s AV features are engaged. The mic is close enough, apparently, to one or both of the internal speakers that the resulting audio includes a distracting, tinny echo.

Apple’s discussion boards suggest tossing ~/Library/Preferences/ to allow internal hardware sensing to correctly deal with this problem. We tried this with no result.