Eudora Mailbox Cleaner may be of help when I finalize my transition away from the venerable Eudora. I would love to keep my mail archives accessible. The archives are now well over ten years’ worth of mail.

I may fiddle with Eudora a bit before I do this – many of the email addresses I have in it are old and the filters are so crufty that it’s not all that useful anymore for autofiling.

Of course, I have to pick a client to move to. Mail is in consideration (for support reasons, mostly) as well as Entourage (for platform compatiblity and to better understand the PC version, which baffles me in classic Microsoftian ways).

I have actually found myself using Gmail almost exclusively of late, primarily because of the superior spam filtering. I would love to be able to hide and reveal messages by label in that UI, though. Certain other limitations make it not quite perfect, such as the inability to map my domain to gmail for email and the related problem of address-based segmenting. All of this points, once again, to selecting an email and hosting provider rather than doing the provisioning myself.

However, these matters are not for resolution today. Today I intend to work on my big pile of hardware, something that will probably take all weekend just to plan.