So, I forked for the Adobe Photoshop upgrade (with the rebate it’s less than a hundred bucks) and mmm, I da no.

First, the most time intensive thing I do in photoshop is color and orientation correction for batches of digital photos. In Photoshop 6, a “save” command issued upon a jpeg resulted in the file being saved. In PS 7, the default has been changed to – for every file and save instance – a dialog in which you are prompted for the compression level of the jpeg. Even if you accept the default, a one-keystroke action has just become a two-keystroke action.

More aggravating, even you choose to automate the save action, the dialog still apears.

Second, I have to admit, I see NO speed gain, and the lack of speed appears to be associated with the silly demoware gewgaws Apple has incorporated into the OS interface.

The most egregious example is translucent windowbars. PS opens large numbers of files concurrently in a step-and-repeat pattern on screen; each step, then, creates a compositing task for the OS which apparently robs the system of what might otherwise be respectable speed gains.

Finally, there’s the by now traditional remapping of tool-keys, a persistent annoyance across all software upgrades. Curiously for me, Adobe has added color correction tools to the Image->Adjustment menu selection which are directly accessible via keyboard, Auto-Contrast and Auto-Levels; but my preferred manipulation tool, Curves, is denied a default direct keyboard shortcut. That’s easily fixed via Actions, however.

I have yet to pick up or concoct a truly trying assignment that will push the complex image management tools of photoshop to the edge, but I hope to soon.