Today, a rash of new computers arrived. I’ll be busy for the next couple of weekends transferring stuff and figuring out to do with the current batch.

Viv’s got a shiny new iBook 14″ and I am going to spend some time with a 15″ Powerbook. I considered waiting for the probable g5 but given the supply problems with that chip and the less-than stellar track record for first-gen products outta Cupertino of late, I’ll hang back fearfully for the nonce.

I’m thinking about jettisoning in-house primary mail service, as I have just not had the time to hack through the underbrush of setting up under qmail with various server-side spam-combat measures in place. Doing so would prompt a server rebuild with limited mail support and a greater degree of centralized datastorage.

On the other other hand if I’m looking for outside mail services perhaps I should look at outside primary hosting as well, and reduce the amount of public-facing webservices on offer too. Hm.

Time to count hard drives and do some math.