I spent yesterday evening in Tacoma eating the best fried oysters ever in the world, along with southern-style fish-fry food the likes of hush puppies, catfish, and corn.

I had promised Bart I was going to shoot for the next episode of Rox at the fry; alas, my nerve failed me and I shot not a thing. I still intend to shoot in the manner I’d intended, though. We have about a gig of flash ram, and in theory, I should be able to get enough material at 320 x 240 using the Dimage to provide editor B with what his jones is for.

It strikes me that certain scalawags hereabouts may be prepared to provide an appropriate venue for a shoot.

In other news, I’ve been heads down pushing and poking at the Yahoo! Store, in an attempt to get a multi-thousand item store up and live by the end of next week. Alas, the good people at Yahoo have adopted a ‘simplified’ approach to deployment and setup within their commerce environment. While significant help docs are available, and a 384-page Merchant Solutions Getting Started Guide is available as a PDF, no straightforward sample templates for large-inventory sites are readily available.

Of course, there are many folks ready to take your money to provide the solution to the conundrum. The triumph of commerce, providing that open and even playing field, yet again.

5 thoughts on “Ignominious failure

  1. It’s hard sticking a camera in people’s faces. I’m almost painfully shy when it comes to that. Fortunately (?) I’ve often been surrounded by extroverts who demand to be videotaped.

    But these days, well, J is in Montana and Xy is preoccupied with teaching. I am no longer surrounded by extroverts. I’m sure New Orleans is full of ’em, but they haven’t found me.

    Come to think of it, that’s why I’m badgering folk like you to throw down.

  2. You do know that Uhlmann is the head prop designer for the NO Opry, doncha? You oughta head down to the shop, camera in hand, one day.

    I’ll come up with something. Perhaps I’ll discuss the concept of proppitty with the cats.

  3. You may wish to check out the videos for this episode which I have already posted, including one from your old boss. (More from him is forthcoming shortly.)

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