chicagohero.jpgNaturally, I no sooner get bellerophon restored to her normal, sweetnatured self when I hear of things one and two.

thing one

Movable Type has released 2.mumble of the very fine content management system which helps provide these pages, and it changes the back end from perl and flatfile – based databasing to perl and MySQL, very good news indeed for me, at least. I rather imagine that the cutover should make saving and rebuilding a bit snappier. I do hope they stick with the cold HTML-based output though – very nice for backup.

I suppose I should schedule that project for Monday.

thing two

OpenSSH has a security hole in it which means I can either demonstrate my manly prowess with open-source software updates, or wait until Apple fixes it and distributes it via Software Update. Hm, which one would you choose?

I think I’ll schedule my masculinity-demonstration session for Monday as well.

And just for giggles, the image which adorns this entry came from an eleven-page thread at The Comics Journal discussion board in which, as nearly as I can make out, some comics collectors who feel that Chris Ware’s scathing, brutal depiction of their species in the just concluded “Rusty Brown” segments of his work means he should by no means be allowed to produce collectibles that would appeal to their ilk.

The object in question appears to be a Rusty Brown lunchbox first released a few months ago.