Having just poured myself a gin and tonic, it being hot, I put it aside for a bit. When I remembered it was there, I picked it up and took a big slug, followed by surprised sputterings and profanity at the burning sensation my mouth encountered.

I either forgot to mix the drink as I put it aside or I used a whole lot more gin than I thought I did. The lime slice within the drink is suspended in a state of neutral buoyancy, about an inch above the bottom of the glass. I’m feared! Was I distrait?

Oh, holy cow, the irritating sanctimonials of the GOP thing are on the radio, gotta go turn it off before I blow a gasket. But first, a cautious taste. The verdict: I think I forgot to stir.

Tune in for updates of unknown sobriety!

UPDATE: Viv drank it. She’s non-bloguese (French for “Cuban”), so no drunken posting from me* – sorry!