Ages ago, Viv and I picked up a pair of Lucy chairs to go with our red formica kitchen table. Eventually, we figured out that we should have picked up four, but by the time this happened, Target was no longer carrying the chairs in-store. The topic came up at our party a couple months ago and Sunday night Viv reminded me about it when I was in a Googlin’ mood.

The skinny is, Target carries them online, but the delivered price was abut $220, free shipping notwithstanding. American Chairs offers them as well, but the shipping costs pushed it up over $200 again.

The link I initiated this post with, however, produces a shipping-inclusive price of $197. Now, I’m not necessarily ready to spend $200 on a couple of chairs, but maybe Viv is. So here’s the link.

One thought on “Lucy

  1. Speaking of which, Friday I was looking for tiki torches at Fred Meyer and came across some chairs that look strikingly similar to the Lucy chair – but for $70ish. The barstools too.
    Go have a look before plunking down that much cash! They just may match.

    I’m still kicking myself for not buying four of them when Target carried them for $50.

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