HyperGami offers this paper sushi kit. There’s also this display page of various models on a different site. The models apparently stem from different sources, such as the tako (octopus) model, this selection of gunkan. Of course, what goes with paper sushi better than a nice, frosty mug of paper beer?

To eat sushi, someone must go down to the sea in ships. Up anchor under that paper moon and set sail over a cardboard sea with these vessels.

A slow-loading, insanely-detailed model of the British galleon HMS Mary Rose, with comprehensive instructions – in Russian! Enjoy. Once you’ve knocked that out, here’s another ship from the same period at the same site.

And finally, in case that sushi was out a bit too long, may I recommend Ed Bertschy’s fabulous nineteenth century hearse? Scroll down to see it in all it’s macabre glory, and note some of the other goodies he’s got on offer, among them a paper cello, a plunger-style “Blasting machine” of great beauty, and of course, a working paper steam engine!

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