TidBITS’ Adam Engst says it’s time to take another look at OmniWeb, a Mac-only web browser by the Seattle-area Omni Group.

I’ll be investigating it further sometime in the near future. Omni is a pretty interesting operation, something of a rarity on the Mac side, that clearly is devoted to the ‘first in space’ biz model. This means that they have consistently been first-to-market for significant application uses at nearly every juncture of the evolution of Mac OS X. It also means that follow-up developers solve problems left unsolved by Omni while adopting Omni’s successful solutions.

The first-to-market aspect of OmniWeb 5 is the product’s use of WebCore, an underlying element of the OS that Apple introduced recently. Without hitting the books, it’s behind parts of both Safari and Help Viewer, as I recall.

Paul Frankenstein has been musing on what WebCore and other things-to-come may mean in future. OmniWeb 5 may be of interest to him for that reason as well.

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