In one hour and thirty minutes I will be taking the first drivers’ test of my life.

Update, 2:30p. I failed. This is not surprising or upsetting given that I haven’t practiced at all for several months and loathe cars* and driving anyway. But my tastes and desires aren’t germane here, and I’ll be testing again as soon as possible. I was ready to go two weeks from today at 8am, but was overrruled.

*As a class, I mean. I have no problem with individual cars and kind of like ours as a specific object. But I would happily disappear it and all other cars from the world with a wave of my magic wand if I could do so.

5 thoughts on “First Test

  1. One of my friends has the belief that before anyone can pass their driver’s test and get a license, two other, bad, drivers have to get off the road. By the next time you take it, I bet the universe will have complied!

    (And seriously — I think if you get two or three days in a row of practice, you will be absolutely OK. At least it worked for me . .)

  2. Mike, did I ever tell you about the time I got kicked out of the motorcycle rider’s safety course? It was an intensive two-day thing, as I recall, and they sent me home the first day (in tears even!) because I was so uncomfortable on the bike and “slowing the class down.” I was thinking of buying a scooter at the time and thought the class would help me get over my fear of going fast on two wheels. (Mind you, I hadnt ridden a bicycle since I was 12 or something.)

    This anecdote was meant to cheer you up at my expense. I am in no way suggesting that you “give up” or “spend the rest of the weekend in bed crying.”

    By the way, I have some cat carriers for you! The bunnies had their fill.

  3. Hadn’t heard about the bike thing. I’m sure you triumphed in the end.

    cat carriers, ah lovely!

    I’ll IM or call after I finish getting up.

  4. Well hell; when you get your license I will no longer have any living example at which to point and say, “See? We don’t all drive!!”

    Then I’ll be faced to confront my utter phobia of being behind the wheel. I haven’t driven in eights years and that was for 15 minutes, on a gravel road outside of town, and I panicked when a wide old car came at us in the other lane and I had to abrupty pull over into the corn.

    – Cooper

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