EmoteMail, an MIT emotive-context experiment.

[via Memepool.]

I’ll give this a whirl, but I think I am fundamentally disinterested in the concept. When I write an email, I might very well be interested to know the information captured and presented in the client here – but do I wish to share that info with others? Hell no!

I want the words in the email to carry the emotional context, and especially if the message has its’ genesis in a moment of anger I almost always want to wring that anger out and replace it with humor, self-deprecation, wit, sarcasm, and politeness.

Now, if I could hack the client to replace the realtime data with emotional expressions and evidence of typing intensities that I specify interactively in order to shape the message, now that’s something I’d probably be interested in, at least until the app was widespread and people understood it to be a medium.

And, in a completely unrelated topic, I wish there was a universal and customizable control-menu app for OS X, so, among other things, I could highlight a word and paste a well-formed href anchor tag around the selection.

Also: where the hell is my freakin’ hovercar, people? Huh? I mean, come on!

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