Thank you, Ask MetaFilter!

This was a sterling example of what is so cool about AxMe. While the collective brain of Metafilter ID’s the fonts for me, I finished the rest of the project, and now I can devote an entire evening to getting the type right.

I owe the big brain in the sky some thinking time, and aim to come through.

Honestly, this reminded me of nothing so much as a game of Shadowrun I was once a participant in, circa 1990, in which I bullied the game ref into accepting that my character could write a search agent and release it into the net to ferret out some important details that were needed in the game. So cool to experience it in real life! Go, ham(p)sters! Dance, you crazy rodents, dance!

I’ll share the resulting art once the project has panned out.


Doesn’t ‘to pan out’ mean both ‘to succeed’ and ‘to fail?’

The claim that’s been picked over is panned out, as it has no more gold.

Likewise, the claim that never had gold didn’t pan out.


When a work of creative endeavor is ‘panned,’ does the usage derive from the fortyniner?