Vivian and I had our first date ten years ago tonight. It was wiltingly hot. We had a choice between The Wonderful, Horrible Life of Leni Riefenstahl or The Lion King.

The documentary was my first choice, but Viv was unsure who the subject was. Let me tell you, explaining why you want to see a film about a Nazi filmmaker to your partner on a first date is nothing I can suggest as a mating strategy. I struggled though weaker and weaker attempts to tell Viv who Ms. Reifenstahl was before finally blurting out, “Or we can go see The Lion King!”

Exactly four years after that, on another blistering summer day, Viv and I were married at the top of the Smith Tower.

For those of you out there wondering, I have concluded that being married is a Good Thing.

6 thoughts on “ten years ago on a cold dark night

  1. What a wonderful post to mark what was a wonderful wedding day (though via bias I’d say it was the -second- best wedding I’ve been to), and an exceptional marriage. Looks like the party that ‘coincidentally’ fell around the anniversary was a blast, too.

    So has Viv ever seen the Leni film since? I must confess… AZ and I have seen neither.

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