I had a phone interview this morning with a very professional recruiter for Classmates.com. I fear I started things off badly by asserting that they were IIS-based and located in Kirkland, which is incorrect in both cases.

I can’t say it was the most successful phone interview I’ve ever had. Still, I certainly hope to hear from them again. I think the Classmates.com idea – a site that permits and encourages people to locate others that they had contact with at specific times in their lives, such as high school – is one of the most natural uses of the internet, and has the potential to be as successful and central to internet users’ lives as eBay has become.

In fact, Classmates >could< become the central clearinghouse for internet contact information, if done right. Boy it'd be tough; but that would be a damn fun job. I have a bazillion great ideas how to get there; let's hope I hear back from them so I can share.