Today was an insanely busy day. Errand after errand. Luckily, we were able to meet up with Spence for dinner and finally catch F 9/11, which stood up. It was like hearing an impassioned argument. It’s worth seeing, and on the way home, Viv was saying how she wished she could get her Cuban-emigré parents to see it. She heated up a bit and blurted out, “Bush is like Castro!”

Now, I have to say that made me pause in confusion for a moment. But the underlying idea, of comparing President Bush to a long-reviled bugaboo of the right, is one that probably should be explored. It might get the big idea across. The idea that President Bush and his administration are a threat to America and the Constitution, that when they say “freedom” and “democracy” they mean “control” and “security state,” well, if I compare them to certain other well known right-wing despots of the twentieth century, the discussion is over.

But comparing him to despots of the left, now that’s an idea that just might bear fruit!