I’m a bit sozzled with sleepiness.

Viv and I went to the Museum of Flight to see the new wing, and ogle the flying antiques.

After years of hunting, I found a NASA cap, to replace one lost to sleep-deprivation during the dotcom era. The new cap’s OK, but I still miss the old one, which was better made.

As always, I was as interested in the techniques used in presenting the artifacts in the exhibit as I was in the artifacts themselves. One interesting aspect of the expansive WWI collection is the high percentage of reproductions on display. Sadly, there was no rollup to show me the sums, but I’m sure I’ll work it out eventually.

The only well-known plane that did not appear in the WWI gallery that I noted as missing off the top of my head was the Nieuport 17. However, a Nieuport 24 and a Nieuport 27 were both featured.

Here is the complete list.