Zepps, at the recently cited Dannysoar site, contains plans for not one but TWO stick-and-tissue free-flight model zeps. Ah, lovely.

Dannysoar’s stuff is absolutely top-notch; it’s even somehow appropriate that the site employs aggregational navigation.

UPDATE: Oh my God. Le Gyroptère, a mono-wing helicopter aparently modeled upon the flight technique employed by maple seeds. Amazingly, copious documentation of this incredible thing exists.

2 thoughts on “Blimp Week, part 742

  1. hey I just saw a big news story on helium balloons that they are supposedly going to use on the war against the southern hemisphere (i’ve decided to call the war against drugs/immigration/terrorism that). I must say it looks really cool. cheap, hard to bring down (they don’t leave a heat signature, and rounds from small arms would only cause slow leaks) small or even no crew. they can stay up for weeks….it’s post modernism.

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