So, if you haven’t heard (and I bet you have), wireless LANs are the Next Big Thing. So is Broadband.

For the last few years, wireless community networks have been popping up, which are all-volunteer efforts to provide wireless broadband internet access via public announcements of wireless access points and areas of coverage.

A related practice has been the development of wardriving (etymology: derives from old-skool hacker wardialing, the sequential automated dialing of huge blocks of telephone numbers in search of one hooked up to a modem), which entail driving or walking around a dense neighborhood in search of WiFi access points.

On June 24th, Cory Doctorow at boingboing posted a link to the warchalking proposal, a system to mark located wifi access points in public, explicitly derived from hobo signs.

On June 25th, Matt at the warchalking site posted his first pic of someone employing the symbology in the Real World.

Keep an eye on this.