danelope strikes back, taking vengeance for both Danelope Week and Ken Goldstein of the Week Week.

Dan also notes that he hopes to instantiate a weekly beering of the pale and nerdly, a goal I can heartily get behind. I especially endorse the goal as a means to develop further diabolical plots and nefarious schemes devoted to the appreciation and appropriation of online identity.

It should be noted that while we waited anxiously for it, Dan made no embarassing social gaffes whatsoever. His drinking skills are clearly much improved, or perhaps it’s the more-precious nature of beer.


One thought on “What's with the muttonchops?

  1. I’m fairly certain I used the word “foray” in an improper fashion during our conversation, a mistake I believe you’ve chastized me for making at least once before. How embarassing.

    That said, I think a better caption for the above image would be “DANELOPE HAS TEH RABIES”.

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