If you examine popular media images of women using IT, which I did with some reservation during the final semester of my graduate studies, you will find an overrepresentation of relaxed-pose, sitting on the floor, gazing dreamily into the monitor, giggling, languidly stroking a single key on the laptop bullshit.

The pleased and amused me no end, and reminded me of one of the reasons I enjoy poupou’s friendship so very much. Bring it!

4 thoughts on “No Credit

  1. And what’s wrong with languid stroking of the keyboard, hmmmm? I bet you do it all the time.

    Besides, I’m sure the only reason they’re languidly stroking their keyboard is because they’re engrossed in one of your epic posts.

  2. Aw, shucks!

    Hey I cant help but notice you’ve gone all metaphorical with your visual theme! Did you make that all by yourself?

  3. Yes, I invented the practice of manufacturing books. You may thank me later.

    Glad you like the new look!

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