Stops – The Bus Schedule Database for Palm OS Handhelds may be a useful stopgap for the apparent lack of a Seattle-based resource publishing Metro schedules in a palm-readable format.

C’mon, Metro! You already do a great job with getting the data online. Give us some RSS or Atom or something that can get into an AvantGo channel, at least!


Jonh appears to have already written a scraper, but it’s a personal tool and oriented to PDF.

QuickTrip may also be a bit less daunting to set up and use than Stops, I think.

Still, what I really need, I suppose, is a table-viewing application for my decrepit old Vx.

One thought on “No Metro for Palm?

  1. I toyed with scraping Metro’s site a while back, and it proved unusually daunting (because there was no standardized output; different route schedules were rendered different ways.) This led me to MyBus, but MyBus is geared toward WAP-enabled phones and not Palm format, which isn’t very useful for a Handspring Visor. Of course, I stopped using my Visor shortly thereafter anyway…

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