1. Jerry Kindall (kindall) of
  2. Christine, who was there with
  3. Christian Beaudroux (christian) of
  4. Vincent (vito90) of juxtapositions.
  5. Noah Malmstadt (mr_roboto) who lists no site on MeFi but was googled at ideotrope.
  6. Roman (Stoatfarm), who provides no personal site info on MeFi and lacked business cards.
  7. Tom Harpel (tomharpel) of
  8. Mike Whybark (mwhybark – me) of
  9. Caitlin Burke (caitlinb) of Marmoset Media.
  10. and a non-MeFite, Jim Flanagan (jimfl) of Everything Burns.

No Shows

  1. mathowie, pleading family obligations.
  2. jessamyn, of whom a discussion was held in which apologies were made for the lack of cardboard standees representing her.
  3. Mars Saxman
  4. black8
  5. Dan Engler (Danelope ) of, due to ill humour.
  6. filmgoerjuan, who did show in the IRC.
  7. Cory Doctorow of Boing Boing, who was in Seattle in Wednesday and Thursday and consequently was included as a speculative no-show in discussions at the table.


  1. Photographic cell phones, two.
  2. Canon Rebel, one.
  3. Optio cameras, two.
  4. Twelve-inch Powerbook, one.
  5. Fourteen-inch iBook, one.
  6. Wifi-equipped PDA, one.


  1. Ace of Aces books, one set.
  2. Plush microbes, three.
    • the flu
    • the common cold
    • heliobacter pylori (ulcer).

    Courtesy caitlinb, and I am happy to report that Ulcer now has a happy home in my desknest. TYVM, Caitlin!

  3. Laptop bags, about four.
  4. Anti-globalization propaganda tee shirts, one.
  5. Full beards, one.
  6. Pairs of glasses, four.

Events and miscellany

  1. Beer-pitcher-pounding excited anti-torture rants in which an article from the Atlantic was cited, one.
  2. Long hair, male, none.
  3. Long hair, female, two.
  4. Interesting discussion of the sacrifice of Isaac, one.
  5. Known posts concerning these events, one (non-recursively counted).
  6. Catch phrases, one.
  7. Live IRC at the table, one.
  8. Participants in IRC live at the table, several.
  9. Discovery that the Elysian is covered by a free wireless access point, one.
  10. Threats to engage in juggling, one.
  11. Laughing and jovial attendees, several.
  12. Pronounciation of “Danelope” as “Dan-ell-oh-pee,” several.
  13. Discussions of stoats and voles accompanied by dismissive mention of naked mole rats, one.
  14. Distribution of several non-corporate business cards, one.
  15. Analyses of the reasons people invest a great deal of time into their online personas, at least two.
  16. Personal beers consumed, four.
  17. Cigarettes smoked at the table, none.
  18. Anticipatory discussions of Farhenheit 9/11, one.
  19. 30-to-90 day uptime claims made for a Windows XP box, one.
  20. Detailed discussions of a distributed information service database architecture, one.
  21. Good time had by, all.

4 thoughts on “MeFiPNW Listings

  1. Had a great time, hope everyone will be in touch and that we all do this again soon. I’ll even make cards. 🙂

    Mike, I’m very glad to have met you and hope to see you at the next meetup, but now, hmmm… your entries 16 & 17 above make me wonder if you were actually the ghostwriter for the screenplay of Bridget Jones’ Diary (“alcohol units 4, cigarettes 12 (v.g.), calories 2845 (v. cold)”). But I kid, I’m a kidder, how else to explain my concern over meteors and willingness to buy tinfoil headgear.

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