Reagan, Reagan Youth still dead. Here’s one way to remember them.

In other news, the beatings will continue until morale improves. Hey, if the President is exempt from the possibility of violating the miscellaneous conventions, laws – what have you – against torture, obviously there’s been no violation!

The current administration’s international and domestic policy is nothing less than an attempt to export the totality of Reagan’s disastrous, immoral, and dangerous Central and South American policy to the globe and to import the best parts – e.g., those that involve the violation of constitutional and human rights – home to the U. S.

Chilean coup plotters and defenestrators, John “Death Squad” Negroponte, the “controlled” deployment of inhuman, antidemocratic methods for the exertion of power: our current troubled administration is naught but the logical extension of Reagan’s foolish brutality. It’s not the final logical extension, though. That will come when the election is suspended and democratic practice is shaped with the exact variety of careful pruning that that evil motherfucker Pinochet inflicted on his people, in an operation that undoubtedly took place with the connivance and cognizance of the Nixon administration at least.

I leave my conclusion as an exercise to the reader.

3 thoughts on “This just in

  1. Wow! I knew it was just a matter of time before you’d lose it. Can we watch that again, in slow motion?

  2. I have been entertaining myself this week by yelling such choice aphorisms a “Bullshit!” and “That’s a fucking lie!” at the radio when the miscellaneous tributes to the teflon fool have been running, especially when the slimy bastards cite the “unity” ol’ 666 brought to our fair nation.

    I will certainly embrace the notion that RR was preferable to GWB, however. But it’s clearly Ronnie’s fault that GWB’s administration has been able to pursue their assault on constitutional democracy.

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