DrinkSparks.com, via OT.

From “Reactions:” boxes in various locations on the site:

“Natron loves Sparks and often calms his test anxiety by sipping three to four Sparks before, lets say, an astro-physics exam…”

“Hi, these things are great. My neighbor introduced me to Sparks – I give him sandwiches; he buys me a couple Sparks.”

This is great marketing, if somewhat flabbergasting. OT assured me that the beverage is, in fact, used as a study aid by some. America’s future is secure in their hands.

the “Lab” link includes an ingredients list.

2 thoughts on “Study Beer

  1. True to its container’s appearance, Sparks does taste like Tang-flavored malt liquor battery acid ass. Never used it as a study aid myself.

  2. I never had to study for nuthin’, what with being a freak musician type. But a clerk in our town’s very best liquor store (which carries TWO brands of Calvados, bless them) said it was for studying. It’s right next to the college campus, so I figure they’re smart about that stuff! It does taste like other energy drinks (melted Smarties candy, and, yeah, a whisper of battery acid).

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