Evil toxic awful stinky floor sealant next door that the damn floor refinishers didn’t think to inform anyone in the building about is FLAVORING MY FOOD LIKE SHARPIES.

I went into the apartment to tell them to stop it and get a floor sealant that won’t KILL BABIES and this tiny Vietnamese teenager who spoke no English was applying it by hand to the floors wearing a cloth dust mask and no gloves that I recall.

I read the label on the giant multi-gallon drums cheerfully decorating our courtyard. Over half the label space was occupied with warnings about such topics as permanent neural damage and the necessty to wear rubber gloves and full-on respirators wile in use.

My eyes are burning and I am hearing some high-pitched sounds in my ears. I’m sure it’s just me wanting to slap whoever hired the refinishers silly.

UPDTAE: I blaim all mispleeings on nerve damaj.

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